ZA-TRM2 0.5KW Mechanical Electric Uv Disinfecting Towel Dryer

1、Fashional appearance
3、Ultraviolet disinfection
4、 Hot air dryer
5、 1-3 hours for appointment
6、 Without twoel rack

Mechanical Electric Uv Disinfecting Towel Dryer 
1.UV Disinfection Kills 99% Virus
2.When the drying function is started, UV disinfection is carried out at the same time.
3.The rated drying temperature is 55 ℃, towels can be dry within 1-1.5h.
4.Setting Time: 1-3 hours
5.Human-Body Detection System is activated automatically. When ever there is a person moving within 4 meters, the smart rack is suspended to working. After the person move out off 4 meters, the smart rack.
6.The UV wavelength is 254mm, which is NO harm to human body.
7.Water Proof  IPX1
8.Can Support up to 15kg weight products

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