A4 6.5/7.5/8.5kw Electric tankless water heater

  Electric Instant Tankless Water Heater
Model A1 A4 R9 V6
Front Material  Glass Glass Acrylic Glass
Side Material  ABS ABS ABS ABS
  Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted
Leakage-proof device  Inside Outside Inside Outside
Flow Sensor  Plastic Brass Hall Flow Sensor Plastic Brass Hall Flow Sensor
PCB Board 1 3 3 2
Water Tank Capacity  Tankless Tankless Tankless Tankless
 Voltage Frequency (V)  5.5 6.5/ 7.5/ 8.5 6.5/ 7.5/ 8.5 6~8
 Phase  2 2 2 2
Rated Current 25A 38.6A 38.6A 38.6A
Wire Line ≧(MM2)  2.5 6 6 6
Copper thermostatic valve N/A N/A N/A N/A
Temp. Setting Range 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C
Overheat Protection 60°C 60°C 60°C 60°C
Product Size (MM) 216*240*75 400*260*52 410*250*62 460*280*52

Electric Instant Tankless Water Heater Product Main Feature:
Constant Water Temperature
1.Copper Thermostatic Valve(High Temperature Resistance)    
   Corrosion Resistance    
2.Cast Aluminium Heating Part(Water and Electric Separation Heating system )  
   Stainless Steel Water Tube  
   Nickel Chromium Wire  
   Insulating Thermal Conductive Magnesium Power
3.Incoloy 840 SS Pipe    
   Electric Resistance Wire    
   High Temperature Magnesium Powder

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