A1-1 3.5-5.5kw Electric tankless water heater

  Electric Instant Tankless Water Heater
Model A1-1 A4 R9 V6
Front Material  Glass Glass Acrylic Glass
Side Material  ABS ABS ABS ABS
  Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted Aluminum Mounted
Leakage-proof device  Inside Outside Inside Outside
Flow Sensor  Plastic Brass Hall Flow Sensor Plastic Brass Hall Flow Sensor
PCB Board 1 3 3 2
Water Tank Capacity  Tankless Tankless Tankless Tankless
 Voltage Frequency (V)  5.5 6.5/ 7.5/ 8.5 6.5/ 7.5/ 8.5 6~8
 Phase  2 2 2 2
Rated Current 25A 38.6A 38.6A 38.6A
Wire Line ≧(MM2)  2.5 6 6 6
Copper thermostatic valve N/A N/A N/A N/A
Temp. Setting Range 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C
Overheat Protection 60°C 60°C 60°C 60°C
Product Size (MM) 216*240*75 400*260*52 410*250*62 460*280*52

Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater Product Main Feature:
Constant Water Temperature
1.Copper Thermostatic Valve(High Temperature Resistance)    
   Corrosion Resistance    
2.Cast Aluminium Heating Part(Water and Electric Separation Heating system )  
   Stainless Steel Water Tube  
   Nickel Chromium Wire  
   Insulating Thermal Conductive Magnesium Power
3.Incoloy 840 SS Pipe    
   Electric Resistance Wire    
   High Temperature Magnesium Powder

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