60-80KW floor standing industrial electric boiler

Industrical Electric  Boilers
NO. NameSpecification
1FunctionOpen Type Single System with Heating OR Hot Water 
3Rated Power(KW)6080100120160200
4Rated Current(A)3*913*1213*1513*1823*2423*303
5The leakage switch   (A)>125A-4P>160A-4P>200A-4P>225A-4P>350A-4P>400A-4P
6Air Switch(A)≥125≥160≥200≥225≥350≥400
7Copper Core(M2)≥25≥35≥50≥70≥95≥120
8Rated Voltage (V)380380380380380380
9Frequency(HZ) 505050505050
10Rate of flow(m3/h)
11Suggestion for the pump kW0.55/0.750.75/1.11.5/2.2
12Inlet & Outlet Connection(DN)G1-1/2DN40G2DN50G2-1/2DN65
13Backwater Inlet Connection(DN) 
15Range of heating water temp. (30-8030-8030-8030-8030-8030-80
16Area ()6008001000120016002000
17First Class Anti-freezing function activate temp. ()888888
18First Class Anti-freezing function stop temp .()151515151515
19Suggestion Insulated Water Tank (t)
20Product Size (Cm) 900*680*14801200*680*14801800*680*1480
22Net Weight  (KG) 120160260
23Gross Weight   (KG) 152200316
24Single Packing Size (L/W/H)     (mm) ***************
25Outside Package Size (L/W/H) (CM)85X65X152115X65X152175X65X152
26Volume CBM)0.841.141.73
27FLQ (units/20GP)                                                ***************
28FLQ (units/40HQ)  ***************

Power saving core accessories of the industrial electric boiler
Using space 3D labyrinth rapid heating technology, the temperature is quickly heated to the set temperature, and the constant temperature is saved. In addition, we also use the controllable silica gel variable temperature technology to keep every part of the furnace running in a state of power saving, to ensure that the power consumption during the use of the furnace is kept at a minimum.
1. Three-dimensional labyrinth heating body
The water and electricity separation technology uses the principle of metal water and electricity separation, that is, water walking water path, electric walking circuit, water and electricity without any contact from the source to prevent leakage and leakage, 100% to ensure the safety of users.
2. Controllable variable temperature technology
Constant temperature control wide voltage operation, even if the working voltage is unstable, the furnace can operate normally, automatically adjust the power size, change the constant temperature, save energy and save electricity.

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