5S 8-12 kw wall mounted electric water heater

Wall Mounted Electric water heater
NO. 1 2 3 4
Model No. DSK-E(E7) DSK-E(E8) DSK-E(4S) DSK-E(5S)
Power(KW)&Voltage Frequency(V/Hz)/Phase 3kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 3kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 8kW/220V/50HZ(1 phrase) 8kW/220V/50HZ(1 phrase)
4kW/220V/50HZ(1 phrase) 4kW/220V/50HZ(1 phrase) 10kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 10kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase)
5kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 5kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 12kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase) 12kW/220V/50HZ (1 phrase)
Specification 1.Dynamic color Touch Screen 
2.3-D MAZE heater
3.MAZE heaterElectric water  
1.Dynamic color Touch Screen
2.3-D MAZE heater 
3.Electric water heater 
1.Dynamic color Touch Screen
2.3-D MAZE heater 
3.3-D MAZE heater Electric water heater                                            
1.Dynamic color Touch Screen
2.3-D MAZE heater
3.Electric water heater                                                   
Rated Currente 13.6A 13.6A 36.3 36.3
18.1A 18.1A 45.5 45.5
22.7A 22.7A 54.5 54.5
Heat output(BTU/H) 10236 10236 27297 27297
13648 13648 34121 34121
17060 17060 40945 40945
Efficiency t=25°C 1.9Lmin 1.9Lmin 4.9Lmin 4.9Lmin
2.5Lmin 2.5Lmin 5.7Lmin 5.7Lmin
3.1Lmin 3.1Lmin 6.9Lmin 6.9Lmin
Temp. Setting Range 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C 30-55°C
Water Connectors 3*2.5mm² 3*2.5mm² 3*6mm² 3*6mm²
3*10mm² 3*10mm²
3*10mm² 3*10mm²
Thermal cut-off 75°C 75°C 95°C 95°C
Overheat Protection 65°C 65°C 65°C 65°C
Pipe Section G1/2'' G1/2'' G1/2'' G1/2''
Safy class IPx4 IPx4 IPx4 IPx4
Water Pressure 0.02-0.6MPa 0.02-0.6MPa 0.02-0.6MPa 0.02-0.6MPa
Net Weight KGS to be advised to be advised 4.3 kgs 4.3 kgs
Gross Weight KGS to be advised to be advised 4.75 kgs 4.75 kgs
Product Size (MM) 280*200*70 280*200*70 390*250*75cm 390*250*75cm
Single Packing Size (L/W/H) mm  to be advised to be advised 480*130*390mm 480*130*390mm
Outside Package Size (L/W/H) mm 370*280*120mm/3 pcs 370*280*120mm/3 pcs 530*450*395mm/ 4pcs 530*450*395mm/ 4pcs
Volume CBM  0.02 0.02 0.1 0.1
FLQ (20GP) to be advised to be advised 270 270
FLQ (40HQ) to be advised to be advised 660 660
Copper Core(MM2)/ Ammeter Requirement/ Air Switch(A) 2.5mm²/60A/32A 2.5mm²/60A/32A 6mm²/60A/40A 6mm²/60A/40A
2.5mm²/60A/32A 2.5mm²/60A/32A 10mm²/60A/63A 10mm²/60A/63A

wall mounted electric water heater


Power saving core accessories of the wall mounted electric water heater
Using space 3D labyrinth rapid heating technology, the temperature is quickly heated to the set temperature, and the constant temperature is saved. In addition, we also use the controllable silica gel variable temperature technology to keep every part of the furnace running in a state of power saving, to ensure that the power consumption during the use of the furnace is kept at a minimum.
1. Three-dimensional labyrinth heating body
The water and electricity separation technology uses the principle of metal water and electricity separation, that is, water walking water path, electric walking circuit, water and electricity without any contact from the source to prevent leakage and leakage, 100% to ensure the safety of users.
2. Controllable variable temperature technology
Constant temperature control wide voltage operation, even if the working voltage is unstable, the furnace can operate normally, automatically adjust the power size, change the constant temperature, save energy and save electricity.

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