Will water ingress damage the water heater?

2019-12-05 14:12:19

              Water heater are common appliances in daily life. Everyone usually pays attention not to get water into the water heater. Will the water heater burn out if it enters the water? Let ’s take a look at whether the machine will be damaged if the water heater enters the water.

             The water inlet of the water heater will burn out. The specific indicator is that the indicator of the water heater will not light after the burnout. The solution for the water inlet of the water heater is to incline the smoke pipe that extends outside from the parallel position by 1 ° to 3 °. ℃ record, which can prevent rainwater and condensate from flowing backward.
water heater
              If the casing is disassembled, it can be cleaned and dried with a hair dryer. If water enters the water heater, you need to wait for the water to dry and try again. If it does not work, you need to find a water heater manufacturer for after-sale repair. Don't repair it yourself.

              Remember to prohibit the use of the water heater during the maintenance period, and drain the water first. When the leaking part is not leaking and dry, you can seal it with glass glue and use it after 24 hours. Pay attention to regular inspection. Internal parts, if the parts have aging problems, then replace the aging parts, the water pressure is high and the water drips automatically. This problem can only be solved by installing a pressure reducing valve.

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