Which is more economical for Gas heating and electric water heaters?

2019-10-25 10:46:38

  In the winter, many people need to use the water heater, we are familiar with it. I don't know how much everyone knows about it. Let's talk about which gas water heater and electric water heater are more economical, which are as follows:
  First, Gas Heating

  The biggest advantage of gas water heaters is that the hot water supply is unlimited, the price is cheap, and the installation cost is also very cheap.

                         Gas heating
  Second, electric water heater

  Electric water heaters are relatively expensive. To burn water to 45 degrees or more, it must be at least 6000W to 8000W. The power is much larger than the air conditioner. In general, households must trip if they have a thicker wire in advance.

  The size of the electric water heater is relatively large, so it will occupy a place when it is installed. In addition, the bathroom will generally be treated with a ceiling, which will make the space appear to be very depressed, and it will not be too comfortable when taking a bath.

  However, the gas water heater is relatively small in size and will not be installed directly in the bathroom. It is usually installed in a ventilated place by modifying water pipes and gas pipes, and the installation cost will be higher. If installed in the bathroom, it is easy to produce carbon monoxide poisoning.

  Compared with the two, the suggestion to everyone is that if there are many people in the family, it must be a gas water heater. If you want to wash dishes and brush pots with hot water in addition to taking a bath in winter, it is definitely gas. If there are few people in the family, or if the bathroom is just empty, it is an electric water heater.

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