Which is more cost-effective, gas water heater or Electric Water Heater?

2020-08-22 16:16:34

       There are water heaters in every household. With the expansion and development of the market, there are many water heaters on the market. And now the main water heaters on the market are basically divided into Electric Water Heater and gas water heater. So how to choose these two water heaters? So today we analyze the differences between these two water heaters. Then, after understanding, you can choose a water heater that is more suitable for you.

       The advantage of Electric Water Heater is that the price is very cheap. The first type is of course cheap and very convenient and fast when installing. So we can change it whenever we need to put hot water and we can supply it at any time.
       Electric Water Heater
       The second one is that it will not be affected by other interference factors, such as the temperature difference, and it will not produce any unnecessary natural gas.

       The storage-type Electric Water Heater needs to be cleaned for a long time. If it is not cleaned, a lot of scale may be generated, which will increase our electricity bill and cause a certain degree of health damage to our body.

      The advantage of the gas water heater is that it heats when it is turned on. It is easy to use, and the gas water heater heats when it is turned on. It does not consume energy without water. So whether it is normally open or normally closed, just consider whether you live regularly. Of course Electric Water Heater also has instant heating type, but instant Electric Water Heater has high circuit requirements, high risk and high power consumption, so the average user does not need to consider it.

      The advantages of gas water heaters are that the water temperature is stable and the heating speed is fast, while the Electric Water Heater needs to wait a while. If the bath is too long, the Electric Water Heater will discharge water because of the volumetric type, which will cause the temperature in the tank to gradually drop, and the bath time will be longer. Friends have to hurry up.

       Gas water heaters consume more energy. As the price of gas becomes higher and higher, the cost of using gas water heaters is relatively high. Electric Water Heater can heat and store hot water during valley electricity, and the energy cost is relatively low, especially the price of electricity. In low rural areas, using Electric Water Heater will be more cost-effective.

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