Which gas water heater and electric hot water heater are convenient to use?

2020-03-31 15:05:31

Generally speaking, water heaters are basically necessary household appliances. With the current market expansion and development of household appliances, more and more water heaters have appeared on the market. Two types of water heaters on the market are electric hot water heaters and gas water heaters. Choosing which one to use is the more difficult thing. Today I will focus on choosing the difference between these two water heaters. I hope everyone can understand the difference between the water heaters after reading it, and choose the one that is more suitable for you. . So today we will focus on the differences between these two water heaters. Then, after you understand, you can choose a water heater that is more suitable for you.

 Generally speaking, the electric hot water heater is a bit cheap, and it is more convenient and quick to install. When it is used, it is basically not affected by other interference factors. But the more troublesome is that the area of ​​the electric water heater will be slightly larger, which is more inconvenient for families with a large number of units. Especially before bathing, it is necessary to heat the hot water first. This will be very difficult in winter. Discomfort. Another point is that storage-type electric water heaters need to be cleaned up after long-term use, otherwise excess electricity costs will be generated, and health damage may be caused to some extent.
electric hot water heater
The advantage of a gas water heater is that it is basically hot immediately, as long as it does not use water, it does not consume energy. Of course, electric water heaters are also instantaneous, but the electric water heaters of electric water heaters have relatively high requirements for related circuits, so the danger is also very large and the power consumption is large, so ordinary users should not consider it.

      Generally, the water temperature of a gas water heater is stable and the heating speed is fast, but the electric water heater needs to wait for a while. If the bath is too long, the temperature of the tank will gradually drop because the water heater is volumetric water, and the gas water heater consumes energy Higher, as the price of gas is getting higher, the cost of using gas water heaters is relatively high, while electric water heaters can heat and store hot water during valley electricity, and the energy consumption cost is relatively low, especially in rural areas where electricity prices are relatively low. Electric water heaters can be a good deal.

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