What should I do if the electric water heater fails?

2021-04-17 17:14:40

Electric hot water is very convenient to use and produce hot water quickly. However, if it is used for a long time, there will be some problems, or failures such as dripping during use. The following is a simple analysis of how to take measures in case of failure.

1. The hot water in the instant electric water heater has a short use time. The reason is that when the water heater is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, the heating time is too short, and the water temperature of the upper and lower layers is uneven, resulting in shorter hot water use time.

It is recommended to continue using the water heater for more than twelve hours, so that the water temperature of the water heater will be more uniform.

2. The heating indicator is on, but it is not actually heating. Because the street contact of the heating tube is poor or disconnected, there may also be a reason that the heating tube is burned out.

This is to check whether the street contact is bad, if not, it is recommended to replace the heating tube.

3. The outlet temperature of the storage electric water heater is too high. This is because the hot and cold water is adjusted improperly, or the thermostat knob is improperly adjusted.

It is recommended to appropriately adjust the opening of the hot and cold water mixing valve. Or adjust the temperature regulator and repair the contacts. If it doesn’t work, it’s necessary to change a temperature regulator.

4. During the heating process of the water heater, water dripping occurs in the small hole of the safety valve. The reason is that the water pressure of the closed-type storage electric water heater is greater than 6Mpa during the heating or heat preservation process, which causes the one-way safety valve to overflow and drip water.

It is recommended to close the water inlet valve and adjust the mixing valve knob to high temperature to avoid water leakage from the one-way safety valve. If there is no mixing valve, opening the hot water valve to discharge the pressure can also avoid the leakage of the one-way safety valve.

5. The water heater does not produce water. The water pressure is too low or the water supply is temporarily cut off. Or whether the water heater waterway is blocked.

It is recommended to open other taps on the water pipe connected to the water heater to check whether the water flow is normal. If it is normal, check the water inlet connection pipe. First, close the water supply main valve, unload the water pipe, and open the water supply main valve after leaving the water heater to check whether the water inlet filter is blocked.

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