What should I do if the electric hot water heater does not catch fire?

2019-12-26 14:02:10

electric hot water heater is one of the most widely used heating equipment in people's daily life, bringing many conveniences to people's lives, but gas water heaters will inevitably cause problems, such as failure to catch fire, what is the cause of this, and how to solve it, Let's take a look next.

 1. The solenoid valve is faulty. I can only hear the ignition sound without the magnetic absorption sound of the solenoid valve during ignition. This may be the damage of the solenoid valve or the aging; the gas pressure is too high or too low. These will easily cause the water heater to fail to catch fire. One of the reasons is that the solenoid valve may have stolen materials, so that the gas cannot come out and it will not ignite.
electric hot water heater
The solution is very simple, that is, the solenoid valve needs to be replaced. If it is a gas pressure, it needs to be replaced with a new gas bottle. If the gas valve has stolen goods, it needs to be cleaned up. If the ignition control circuit, then repair the circuit problem.

 2. If the water-air linkage device fails, there is no ignition sound and electric spark. The solution can check whether the eardrum in the water-air linkage valve is aging or damaged, and the micro-switch cannot be pushed. At this time, the water and gas need to be replaced. The linkage valve was repaired.

In the future, if the water heater fails to catch fire, you can simply deal with it according to the above method. Pay attention to safety during inspection, and turn off the power and turn off the gas.

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