What are the reasons for electric water boiler for bathroom leakage?

2020-02-06 15:59:12

Generally speaking, the electric water boiler for bathroom requires regular maintenance. The service life of electric water heaters is generally 6 to 8 years. If leakage is found, you should immediately turn off the power and unplug it. You also need to be very careful about electric shock caused by water flow. If there is water in the bathroom floor, try not to pull the plug inside. You need to turn off the main switch before pulling it out.
electric water boiler for bathroom
Generally speaking, the power supply of electric water boiler for bathroom must have a reliable grounding wire, a fixed three-eye socket must be used, and the hot, neutral and ground wires are connected in the correct position. The home power supply system needs to have a leakage protection device. The power outlet should be located in a place where no running water can splash, and use a splash-proof outlet. The service life of an ordinary electric water heater should not exceed 6 years. If it is still used for more than a period of time, there may be hidden safety hazards and it needs to be replaced in time.

The leakage may be caused by the following reasons, such as improper installation. The installation position is not suitable and the connection is not tight; the wiring position, power headroom, and water pressure are not suitable, which makes it easy to install the device incorrectly (responsible for the hot line, which fails when connected to the neutral line), or the water heater office status (function) setting is not suitable and many more.

It may also be caused by the external background. The main phenomena are the reverse connection of the live line and the neutral line of the power supply, aging of the line, poor grounding, live water pipes, poor socket quality and insufficient power capacity of the wire, and the socket is not waterproof. Generally speaking, the installation of water heaters requires Professionals are better to install.

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