What are the advantages of comparing commercial electric boiler to central heating

2019-12-15 14:19:11

Central heating is a common heating method for people. Central heating will also be inadequate during use. Many people choose independent heating methods of commercial electric boiler. What are the advantages of electric boilers over centralized heating?

1. The thermal insulation performance of central heating is relatively poor, so generally the energy saving and comfort requirements of heating systems are relatively high. The electric boiler has a wide range of uses, energy saving and environmental protection, and is an excellent choice for household independent heating.
commercial electric boiler
2. The independent heating of electric boilers is generally used with mixed water centers. When the floor heating company designs the independent heating system, it is easy to notice that the boiler regulates the temperature of the effluent, and other performance of the electric boiler is ignored, and the efficiency of the electric boiler during use The best effect is obtained when the water supply is 75 degrees and the return water is 65 degrees and the temperature difference is 10 degrees. Therefore, the electric boiler system generally requires the water temperature of 55 degrees and the return water to 45 degrees and the temperature difference is 10 degrees.

3. The boiler alone is used to adjust the temperature of the outlet water. This will cause the boiler to start frequently, which will greatly shorten the service life of the electric boiler. In fact, it is not difficult to solve the problem of floor heating with electric boilers. A boiler can be installed at the middle end of the floor heating system. The water center can achieve the characteristics of low temperature of floor heating water, which can also meet the high efficiency use of the boiler. Generally, the optimized floor heating system needs to be mixed with mixed water for heat exchange.

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