The history of the development of electric instant water heater

2020-04-24 16:29:08

           Generally speaking, most people's first reaction to electric instant water heater is the storage type and the instant type, and in recent years, the rapid rise of the hot water heater has begun to gradually have the future trend of occupying the market.

           However, with the increasing popularity of electric instant water heaters, some instant-heat manufacturers have intentionally or unintentionally confused the concept of instant heat in publicity, so that many consumers mistakenly believe that instant heat is instant hot, but In fact, instant heat and instant heat are very different product categories, and users must pay more attention to purchase instant heat electric water heaters.

           Electric instant water heaters have been around for more than 100 years, from the first-generation water storage type, the second-generation instant heating type, to the third-generation instant heating type electric water heater. The earliest water storage phase was characterized by large drum shape, large capacity, long warm-up time, and troublesome hot water adjustment, which caused many inconveniences to users.
electric instant water heater
           Until the 1950s, small and instantaneous water heaters appeared. The high-power heating pipes used, namely, instantaneous electric water heaters, achieved instant opening and heating effects, avoiding the shortcomings of waiting for a long time. However, high power has high requirements on the line, and has a relatively large limit on the popularity of use.

           The electric instant water heater currently popular on the market is similar in shape to the instant type. It is exquisite, compact, and can basically achieve the effect of instant opening. However, compared with the instant type, the instantaneous electric water heater has a small size. The inner liner can achieve low-power heating and rapid hot water discharge, and can continue to discharge water at a constant temperature. Many people continuously bath without pressure, which greatly improves the user's bathing experience.

           The instant hot water heater is not upgraded by changing the heating tube. Its advantages are mainly due to the optimization and upgrade of the internal structure system.

           Compared with water storage and instant heat products, instant-heat water heaters are more advanced. There are big differences in the internal structure of instant-heat and instant-heat electric water heaters. The instant-heat electric water heater also has the advantages of instant-on, instant-heating, and compact appearance. However, compared with instant-heat, the instant-heat electric water heater is not a high-power appliance. It only needs a 2.5-square dedicated line to be used safely. .

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