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2019-06-12 09:05:33

As the government vigorously promoted the promotion of environmental protection “coal to electricity” policy, some temples in some areas also began to consider the use of electric heating to warm the place where the masters live. The masters of the Guangshou Temple, a thousand-year-old temple in the west, used to burn coal for a long time. They asked a coal-burning worker not to mention that the entire monastery was in smoke every day and had been plagued by heating problems in winter. In order to respond to the national environmental protection policy, the master of Guangshou Temple replaced the coal-fired boilers with electric heating stoves. They learned through network information that Foshan Shunde Jiafusi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric heating equipment. The temple monasteries responsible for the temple management contacted the company's salesman and led the relevant personnel to personally visit the company on June 19, 2018. After the inspection, they recognized the professionalism and strength of Jiafusi and immediately confirmed the purchase. Batch electric boiler.

Master Guangshou Temple is seriously and rigorously signed a contract with Jiafusi Company for the heating electric boiler contract.

Master Guangshou Temple and accompanying staff took photos with General Manager Jiafusi

Jiafusi electric heating + domestic hot water heating equipment has been adhering to the mission of "sending warmth to thousands of households and bringing it to the world" in the background of scientific and technological market! "Jiafusi" its main products are high-end environmentally-friendly intelligent household electric wall-hung boilers, electric boilers, electric heating stoves, gas fireplaces and so on. Jiafusi Electric Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional electric heating equipment manufacturing R & D and production enterprise, and with advanced production equipment and professional technical personnel as the guarantee, to provide high-quality clean and environmentally friendly heating products for the target market. Nowadays, Jiafusi electric wall-hung boiler has obtained a number of national invention patents, the leading product "cafos Jiafusi" brand high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, environmentally friendly commercial electric boiler, electric wall-hung boiler, villa special electric boiler, gas wall hanging Furnace and so on have been awarded to China's well-known brands of electric heating products.

The cooperation with the Guangshou Temple is reflected in the core values of “Benefiting the society and contributing to the society” which is adhered to by Foshan Shunde District Jiafusi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., and this cooperation highlights Jiafusi. Be passionate about charity and start the charity again!

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