Pay attention to using electric hot water heater in winter to save a lot of electricity bills

2019-11-22 13:51:11

Modernized home appliances bring convenience to people's lives. Today, one of them is electric hot water heater, which has become one of the essential appliances in people's lives.

It is especially convenient to use hot water in winter. In winter, the peak period of electric water heaters is used. However, after many households use the water heaters, they never pull the power supply. The power of the household water heaters is very high, at least several kilowatts. If you don't pay attention to the use, it is very likely that the electricity bill that needs to be paid in the whole winter is much more expensive than usual. The correct use of the water heater can save electricity.

1, pull the plug

Some families do not have the habit of pulling out the plug when using the electric water heater. It is a summer that is not usually used, or a winter that is often used. This practice is actually very expensive, especially in the summer, the frequency of use is relatively small, if you do not pull the plug, the water heater will consume a lot of electricity in the state of heat preservation.

When the water heater is used infrequently, remember to unplug the plug. If it is necessary to use the water heater frequently in winter, it is not recommended to pull the plug. The frequency is high, which will cause damage to the plug and socket.

2, adjust the water temperature

When bathing in winter, it is like taking a warm hot bath. Therefore, many people will adjust the water temperature very high, but this will consume a lot of electricity. It is generally recommended that when the water heater is used in winter, the temperature is adjusted to about 35-45 degrees. This water temperature is suitable for the human body's water temperature and also the most energy-saving. of.

3, regular cleaning

Some people have not cleaned the water heater from the beginning. If the water heater does not clean for a long time, the bucket will breed scale, which will not only affect the speed of boiling water, but also increase the electricity cost, which will affect the water quality and cause certain harm to skin health. This problem, everyone must remember to clean the water heater.

It is best to ask a professional maintenance technician to clean it. If you repair it yourself, it is easy to damage the water heater if you don't understand the structure.

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