Maintenance skills of electric water heaters.

2020-12-23 18:06:02

Electric water heaters are electrical appliances that we use every day. Especially in cold winters, water heaters are used the most frequently. If the water heaters are maintained regularly, it will not only ensure the rapid heating effect of the electric water heater, but also extend its use effect. So do you know how to maintain the storage type electric water heater?

First, when installing, avoid installing the water heater in direct sunlight. Because the surface of the water heater will fade after being exposed to strong light for a period of time.

Second, if the heat-absorbing layer of the water heater falls off, it must be repainted with protective paint to prevent it from being corroded after being damp.

Electric Water Heater

Third, when using the water heater in the cold winter, pay attention to the water pressure and water temperature. Start the antifreeze system when the water temperature is too low to avoid abnormal heating.

Fourth, check the cover of the water heater regularly. If it is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

Fifth, avoid the situation that the temperature of the water outlet is too high due to the too small water outlet, because this will damage the electric water heater. When using a storage-type electric water heater, fill up the cold water and then energize it for heating, and then open the hot water valve and water will flow out, so it can be energized.

Sixth, pay attention to avoid installing valves at the water inlet and outlet at the same time. In places with severe weather conditions, such as areas with freezing periods, when using electric water heaters, ensure that the water in the water heater has a certain temperature to prevent freezing and damaging the electric water heater.

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