Improper use of electric heating boiler may lead to the risk of leakage

2020-05-27 15:55:03

Electric heating boiler The whole machine is separated from the water and electricity. The front circuit and the rear water channel are inside the heating core, and the outside is powered. Product constant power, weak current control strong current, soft start soft switch, non-contact switch, no starting surge current, safe and reliable to use, but it is dangerous if not used correctly

The electric heating boiler has high heat conversion efficiency, and generally adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, which saves energy, has a fast heating rate and high thermal efficiency. 1-3 minutes outlet water temperature reached above 60 degrees. It can drive (10-100) radiators to dissipate heat, and the radiators or fan coils can be increased or decreased according to the heating area.
Electric heating boiler
There is also a risk of electric leakage due to the use of electric heating boilers, because electricity and water are never separated, and there are numerous accidents caused by electric water heater leakage. These problems are basically caused by the resistance heating electric heating tube, so when using it, it must be used correctly according to the instructions to completely prevent this risk.

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