How to use electric water heater to save electricity most?

2020-09-28 11:06:59

Electric water heaters are very convenient for many families. It can be said that, except for some families, almost every house is equipped with electric water heaters. I think people who use electric water heaters often will have such troubles. How can we use them? How about the power saving? Did you keep the water heater on? Or do you turn it on every time you use it?

   Nowadays, people’s life is fast-paced and everyone is busy every day, so the electric water heater at home is not in use 24 hours a day. Most people should be the same as the editor, right? They are all used during bathing or washing. In fact, if you use it only during bathing, you can turn it on one hour in advance when you use it, and then turn off the power after you have finished the bath. It saves electricity. For example, if you take a bath once a day or two, it’s best not to keep the water heater on, otherwise, it will waste electricity.

   If the instant hot water heater at home is used for a long time, it is best to turn it on when you use it every day, because the electric water heater is only used during the bathing period. If you turn on the electric water heater, it will damage the circuit, and it will be detrimental to the electric water heater. Try to reduce the number of times you turn on and off the switch, just like some barber shops, they often use hot water, so compared to barber shops , Their electric water heaters are often on, which saves electricity. If possible, adjust the temperature to a warm water state, which is also more energy-saving.

   You can usually adjust the temperature of the electric water heater in your home to your own suitable temperature. In summer, it is best to be around 41°C, and in winter, it is best to be at 45°C. Relative to the capacity of the electric water heater, everyone must pay more attention to it. You can also heat according to the amount of water used in your home. It is better to use it up when the last person takes a shower. Will save a lot of electricity bills.

   In addition to the water heaters that are used every day mentioned above, some families use electric water heaters every time they cook and wash clothes, and wash their faces in the morning. In this case, it is recommended that everyone turn on the water heater every day, so according to your daily use of the water heater The temperature is adjusted according to the situation, so the final conclusion is that it is more power-saving to keep driving in the winter season, because a lot of hot water is used in winter. In the summer, it saves electricity every time you use it. But the premise is that there is always someone at home.

   In fact, it's not just a water heater. There are more and more electrical appliances in our daily lives, but many people ignore this problem. Take mobile phones as an example. Many people can say that they keep their mobile phones around 24 hours a day. , I have never let the phone rest, and the phone is turned on 24 hours a day. After a long time, it is not good for the phone. Otherwise, how can you feel the temperature of your phone rises and it burns down?

   In addition, many families are not very concerned about the problem of aging wiring. Now this season is very dry, especially in the north. You will find that there have been countless fires. Many people just It is thinking about how to save electricity, but it ignores the most important issue-security, which is very undesirable. Electrical appliances that have been used for a long time at home are gradually aging. We must strictly read the instructions for use. If you see that the electrical appliances in your home have exceeded the time of use, you must replace them in time. Please take this matter to heart. .

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