How to use electric storage water heater

2019-10-25 10:44:14

 1. Water is passed. When using for the first time, pay attention to the hot water valve or hot water tap of the cold water regulating valve, so that the air can be discharged when water is injected. Then, the tap water valve leading to the electric storage water heater is opened to inject water into the water heater, but care must be taken not to drive too much to cause a large impact. Need to wait for the hot water tap or the nozzle to have water flowing out, indicating that the water heater has been filled with water, and then the hot water outlet valve can be closed.
                                 electric storage water heater
  2, power on, check the water supply is normal, set the required water temperature, then plug the power plug into the socket, turn on the power.

  3. After heating, after turning on the circuit, turn on the power switch of the water heater. The heating light is on, indicating normal, and heating starts. The heating lamp is extinguished, the heat preservation lamp is on, indicating that the heating is stopped, and the water temperature can be used as required.

  4, hot water for use, for the use, you can adjust the mixing water temperature, that is, adjust the flow of hot water and cold water.

  When adjusting the water temperature, try to test the temperature by hand, do not directly rush on the body to avoid burns. The enclosed water heater allows continuous operation and automatic temperature control, and the home can be selected as needed. If not needed, the temperature control is not easy to adjust too high to save energy and extend the life of the water heater.

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