How to remove scale from electric water heater?

2021-03-18 17:55:23

With the improvement of our lives, our lives are now very convenient. Many times we will find that many of the supplies in our lives are very useful. Even if the weather is cold, we can use a water heater for bathing. Most households do not know how to clean water storage electric water heaters. This is a bad phenomenon. The following briefly introduces how to remove the scale of electric water heaters.

The electric water heater is in contact with tap water, not the pure water we drink. After heating, there will be a lot of scale and some bacteria in the water will also be brought into the water heater. Even more scale will breed bacteria. At this time, we think about it. If such water directly touches our body, it may even cause our body to be infected with bacteria in the water, so the cleaning of electric water heaters is still very important. And we can also clean up at home.

First of all, we have to cut off the electric water heater, which is very important. If there is water at the same time, it is easy to get an electric shock. After the power is off, let’s not move the water in the electric water heater. After all, the water inside is very hot, so when we clean the water heater by ourselves, we must pay attention to personal safety. Know some precautions for electric water heaters in advance and don’t just go blindly. Clean the electric water heater.

There are two hidden switches for Suhot Electric Water Heater. These are our water inlet pipes, which are hot water and cold water. In order to prevent moisture from entering, we need to turn off these two switches. Now we can prepare for cleaning. We need to find the valves next to the two water pipes. At this time, open this valve, and then we have to use a basin to catch it below, because this place can drain the scale. When the water runs out, we can see that half of the basin is picked up. .

After draining the dirt, we rinse the inside of the water heater with a water pipe, and then wait for the water to flow out completely. We can reinstall the water heater. This completes the cleaning of the electric water heater. It only takes more than ten minutes, and it can be done by yourself, and it is more convenient. Therefore, for our health, we still need to clean the water heater frequently, and don't let the dirt stored in it cause harm to our body.

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