How to prevent leakage of electric water heater?

2021-01-26 14:37:50

With the widespread use of electric water heaters, its safety has become a common concern. When electric water heaters are in use, accidents such as electric leakage and accidental death occur frequently, so how to effectively prevent electric leakage from happening? Here is a brief introduction.

First, the method of preventing leakage.

1. First of all, whether the water heater leaks electricity depends on the water heater itself, rather than whether the hot water outlet is connected to the wall, the ground wire, etc. Secondly, because there is no guarantee that when you take a shower, your bathroom wall potential is the same as your body potential. If your body potential is lower than the wall potential, then if the water heater leaks, the current will flow from the human body first. Pass, thereby causing the risk of electric shock. If you have equipotential connection terminals in your bathroom, you can draw a wire from it and connect it to the metal connection of the water heater outlet, so that when the electric water heater leaks, the current will flow away from the connection to protect personal safety .

2. Choose qualified products from regular manufacturers.

3. Make reasonable installation according to requirements. Especially the ground wire and the dedicated circuit to be used.

4. Choose to use qualified accessories, such as wires, sockets, etc.

5. Take certain protective measures and install leakage protectors.

6. Operate in the installation manual. After the operation, check it carefully. And need regular maintenance.

7. The service life of electric water heaters is generally only 6-8 years, depending on the quality, frequency of use and maintenance. It is best to let professionals come to the door for maintenance to avoid potential safety hazards due to negligent or reluctant use. For example, if the motor is permanent, the connector will become loose, and there will be a risk of short circuit. The leakage switch will also fail under special circumstances.

Second, matters needing attention when buying electric water heaters.

1. See if it can prevent leakage from the inside to the outside, that is, whether it has a leakage protector. Because the leakage protector can effectively prevent the leakage of electrical components of the machine. For example, the positive leakage from the inside to the outside will automatically trip if the leakage of 16MA within 0.1 seconds. There are generally two types of leakage protectors: an external power cord and a built-in machine. Generally speaking, the built-in type is more sensitive. But what needs to be remembered is that the leakage protector can only prevent forward leakage.

2. See if it can prevent leakage from the outside to the inside, that is, whether it is equipped with a "electric wall" device to prevent earth leakage. The ground wire charge is the reverse leakage from the outside to the inside, which is more concealed. Under normal circumstances, it is caused by problems such as the connection of wires between various electrical appliances, the random wiring of adjacent rooms, and the falling off of the live wire of the socket. This kind of reverse leakage, all leakage protectors cannot prevent and fail. Therefore, this step is the most important, and it is necessary to purchase "electric wall" technology products with anti-earth leakage.

3. What to do in case of leakage.

At this time, turn off the power immediately and unplug the plug. Be careful of electric shock due to water flow. If there is water in the interior version of the bathroom, try not to pull the plug inside. You should turn off the main switch before pulling the plug.

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