How to maintain the electric water boiler after it is stopped?

2020-02-26 15:15:46

Generally, after the electric water boiler is stopped, the wet standing water in the boiler and the erosion and rust of the soot slag outside the furnace body. If the maintenance is not good, the corrosion will be severe during the shutdown. So how do you perform related maintenance after the boiler is shut down? Boiler maintenance after shutdown is generally divided into anticorrosive maintenance for the outside of the furnace body and the inside of the boiler. The anticorrosive maintenance in the pot generally needs to be based on the length of the shutdown period. Generally, there are two types of dry maintenance and wet maintenance.

When the electric water boiler is deactivated for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of external corrosion protection of the furnace body. If the boiler is stopped and cooled down, it is necessary to remove the ash deposit on the heating surface and the ash on the upper part of the grate and the lower part of the furnace body. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain natural ventilation of the flue when necessary. Generally, to prevent moisture, desiccants need to be placed in the furnace and flue. Generally, quick lime is used as a desiccant.
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After placement, all ventilation doors need to be closed tightly. Replace the quicklime after it becomes powder. If the location of the boiler room is low and the ground is heavily flooded during the shutdown period, then a combination of low-fire baking and placing a desiccant is required at this time. If the boiler is shut down for a long time, apply red tannin oil or other anticorrosive paint to the metal outer surface of the furnace body after removing the soot.

The anti-corrosion maintenance method for the shutdown of the furnace is generally determined by the length of the shutdown time. Under normal circumstances, if the furnace is not used for more than one month, you can use wet maintenance, and you can use the dry maintenance for more than one month.

Pay attention to the following points during dry maintenance of electric water boiler: Do not directly contact the metal surface of the boiler with the desiccant. After placing the desiccant in a container such as an iron pan, close hand holes and other hole covers, and steam and water pipes The upper valve must be cut off and the quicklime powder should be replaced in time.

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