How to maintain the electric boiler after use?

2020-11-16 15:39:08

With the continuous improvement of living standards, material needs have gradually increased. Nowadays, home heating in winter has abandoned coal that has been used for many years or heavily polluted boilers. Now many families have adopted a new type of heating equipment electric boiler, this kind of equipment is pollution-free, easy to use, is the first choice for many users to heat in winter.

The water in the radiator of a household electric heating stove does not need to be replaced frequently, because a large amount of alkali is brought in every time the water is changed, and the content of alkali in the radiator is worthwhile, so The water in the radiator is not suitable for frequent replacement.

In addition, the impact of impurities and scale in the radiator on the household electric heating stove is very important, because there is no filter in the household electric heating stove, so it will cause the rust residue of the radiator and the impurities in the water itself. After being fed into the heat exchanger through the circulation of the domestic heating stove, these miscellaneous things will continue to decompose with the high temperature to become scale, and then they will be attached to the wall of the radiator. This will make the pipe diameter of the radiator of the household heating stove become thinner and thinner, so the body of the household heating stove should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

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In addition, the thermal conductivity of scale is extremely poor, and its thermal conductivity is only about 1% of boiler steel plate. Because it seriously affects the heat transfer of the boiler, it is necessary to increase the furnace temperature to ensure the evaporation rate. The coal intake and the blast and induced air volume of the boiler are both To be forced to increase, the heat loss of exhaust gas increases, the fixed carbon in the coal is not fully burned, the boiler is in a bad combustion state, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is greatly reduced.

The water temperature of household electric heating stoves is controlled between 30 and 80°C, which can be set at will to meet various heating needs such as central air-conditioning heating system, traditional radiator heating, and floor radiant heating. The domestic heating stove adopts a unique oxygen-free copper double-body composite heat exchanger, with a thermal efficiency of over 90%, which saves more gas. The closed forced air supply and exhaust mode of the domestic heating stove, the fresh air required for combustion is taken from the outdoors, and the combustion exhaust gas is discharged to the outdoors, which is safe and reliable to use.

By cleaning the interior of the household electric heating stove, it can effectively reduce the miscellaneous impurities in the water, so that the household electric heating stove can run more smoothly, so that the service life of the household electric heating stove can be safely and effectively extended. .

Only in strict accordance with the above maintenance content and regular maintenance can the electric boiler equipment maintain a high-efficiency working state, and at the same time, the service life of the equipment can be further improved.

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