How can we completely solve the leakage problem of electric water heaters?

2021-04-22 17:18:34

First, buy electric water heaters from regular manufacturers. In addition, pay attention to the use of insulated water pipes as much as possible, and do not use conductive water pipes. When arranging the water pipes, the distance between the electric water heater and the mixing valve should be appropriately lengthened to avoid current conduction through the water; we also need to maintain and inspect the electric water heater regularly to ensure the electric water heater Safe and effective.

Second, a qualified and effective leakage protector must be installed to prevent the power supply from being cut off quickly in the event of a leakage to avoid electric shock accidents, and we must press the test button every month to ensure that the leakage protector is normal Play a leakage protection function.

Third, you must install a ground wire and ensure that the ground wire is effective. Its function is that once there is a leakage, the leakage current will flow to the earth through the ground wire, instead of flowing through the human body, avoiding harm to the human body; In many areas, there is no ground wire. If there is no ground wire, there will be a lack of protection. The ground wire is called the lifeline in the line, so it must be done. The home must not only install the ground wire but also ensure that it is effective. The detection method is to measure The grounding resistance, the resistance value is not more than 4Ω is qualified.

Fourth, the local equipotential connection must be done well. The specific method is to connect all the metal pipes and other exposed metal parts in the bathroom to the local equipotential wiring with no less than 4 square copper wires. On the wiring block in the box; this is to prevent the stepping voltage on the wet floor of the bathroom from causing harm to the human body.

Fifth, it is the storage-type electric electric water heater that is powered off and unplugged before taking a bath. Although this is troublesome, it is indeed the safest.

In general, once the electric water heater leaks, we must first cut off the power supply and stop using the water heater.

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