High efficiency water heater pay attention to cleaning

2020-02-06 16:01:54

Household appliances should be cleaned in a timely manner. Whether it is a washing machine, refrigerator or air conditioner, high efficiency water heaters need to be cleaned regularly. The direct way to judge whether the water heater needs cleaning is to see if the heating time becomes longer. As the water heater becomes longer, the time it takes for the water to heat up becomes longer. Many people may think that the components of the water heater are aging, but it may be just the dirt in the water heater that is causing trouble.
high efficiency water heaters
The water used in the high efficiency water heater is generally domestic tap water. Under the heating state, the tap water is prone to precipitate scales. These scales are easily deposited on the bottom of the water heater and may adhere to the heating rod. If thick scale adheres to the heating rod, it may affect the heating speed and the heating time of the water heater will be prolonged.

In addition to affecting the heating speed of the water heater, scale can also breed bacteria. People use their water in high efficiency water heater to wash their hair and bath. These bacteria will also be carried out by the water flow. If they touch the bacteria, they will be prone to rashes and itching. Some people have poor resistance. May cause some serious skin diseases, so the water heater should be cleaned

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