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2021-03-08 17:50:44

Most household water heaters are electric water heaters. The following briefly introduces how to buy electric water heaters.

Electric water heaters bring convenience to people's lives. When purchasing electric water heaters, you can choose the brand: famous brand products have passed safety certification and are of good quality.

1. Appearance inspection of electric water heater: The outer surface of the product should be evenly painted, with bright color, without falling off, no dents, or severe scratches, squeezing marks, etc. All kinds of switches and knobs are beautiful in appearance, finely processed, and the writing on the dial should be clear. Note that the accessories must be complete, check the power plug, and the wiring must be firm, intact, and without bad contact. It is best to do power-on test and constant temperature performance check. First, check whether the indicator light is on and whether the water outlet and power failure indicator is reliable. When checking the constant temperature, set the temperature to a certain value. When the set value is reached, the electric water heater can automatically cut off Electricity or conversion power. If the above requirements are met, the thermostat performance of the electric water heater is good, otherwise it is abnormal.

2. The choice of the inner tank of the electric water heater: the stainless steel inner tank has high grade and long life. The inner tank is coated and fired with a layer of inorganic ceramic glaze on the ordinary steel plate. For example, poor manufacturing process will cause uneven thickness of the glaze paste attached to different parts of the tank, and the phenomenon of porcelain falling is likely to occur. The galvanized inner tank is coated with thermosetting resin, and the zinc protective layer has poor anti-rust ability and short service life.

Electric Water Heater

3. Selection of safety devices: Electric water heaters should generally have grounding protection, anti-dry burning, anti-over-temperature and anti-over-pressure devices, and high-end ones also have leakage protection, automatic disconnection without water, and additional power-off indication functions. The pressure rating of the inner tank of an electric water heater should generally be 0.75 MPa (different models and ratings are also different). When the pressure in the inner tank of the overpressure protection device is required to reach the rated value, the safety valve should be automatically opened to relieve the pressure. Ensure safety. Leakage protection devices are generally required to be able to quickly cut off the power supply within 0.1 seconds when the leakage current reaches 15 mA.

4. Insulation effect selection: products with high insulation thickness and insulation material density should be selected, which can be compared and selected according to the manufacturer's product manual.

5. Constant temperature water heater performance: Set the temperature to a certain value, and when the set value is reached, the electric water heater can automatically cut off the power or switch the power.

6. Capacity selection of storage-type electric water heater: generally rated capacity is 30-40 liters electric water heater, suitable for continuous bathing for 3 to 4 people; 40-50 liter electric water heater is suitable for continuous bathing for 4 to 5 people; 70-90 liters of electricity The water heater is suitable for continuous bathing for 5-6 people.

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