Electric water heaters should also be cleaned frequently.

2020-11-17 15:52:38

Home appliances should also be cleaned in time, such as washing machines, refrigerators or air conditioners. In fact, electric water heaters also need to be cleaned regularly.

The most straightforward way to judge whether the water heater in your home needs to be cleaned is to see if it takes longer to heat up. Make an assumption. When the water heater in the home is first used, the time to boil the water is about half an hour. Then as the water heater uses time, the water heating time will also change, thus extending to one About hours. At this time, many people will think that some parts of the water heater are aging, but not, this may be caused by the dirt in the water heater.

Electric Water Heater

The water used in the water heater is almost the tap water for your own home. When the tap water is heated, it is easy to deposit scale. For example, after your kettle is used for a period of time, a layer of scale will be stuck at the bottom. The same is true for the water heater. The scale will not only deposit on the bottom of the water heater, but also adhere to the heating rod. If thick scale adheres to the heating rod, it will affect its heating speed, thereby extending the heating time of the water heater.

In addition to affecting the heating speed of the water heater, scale will also breed bacteria. Almost all of our hair washing and bathing use the water in the water heater, so these bacteria will also be carried out by the water flow. When the body comes into contact with these bacteria, it is prone to rashes, itching, etc. This is why some people think , I feel itchy all over after taking a bath, in fact, this is because your skin has come into contact with the bacteria in the water heater. Some people may have some serious skin diseases if their resistance is weak, so the electric water heater must be cleaned regularly.

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