Electric Water Heater installation points

2019-10-25 10:30:41

The installation of the Electric Water Heater will involve the direction of the waterway and the pipeline. If the location of the pipeline is not properly reserved during the renovation, the location of the water heater installation will be limited, so it is not possible to install products that are not suitable for your needs.

If the inlet and outlet pipes are too long, it will seriously affect the aesthetics of the bathroom. In addition, the water heater needs to be wall-mounted, and if the reserved position is not on the load-bearing wall, there will be a safety hazard. If the consumer chooses the water heater first, then the installation location can be reserved according to the size of the water heater and the location of the inlet and outlet pipes, so that the installation is not only beautiful but also saves the pipe.
                                Electric Water Heater

  1, the requirements of the installation environment

  Requirements for the installation environment The electric water heater must be installed on the load-bearing wall and must withstand the weight of the water heater after 4 times filling with water. If it is a non-bearing wall, then a reinforcement device such as a bracket is required.

  It is best to install the water heater to ensure that the right end cover is at least 30cm away from the wall, which is convenient for later maintenance. Use a unidirectional two-pole air switch or circuit breaker that complies with national standards and perform reliable grounding. The load of the line and meter in the home must meet the requirements of all electrical appliances.

  The tap water inlet pressure should not be less than 0,05 MPa, and should not be higher than 0,8 MPa. If it exceeds this range, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer in order to design a new solution, such as reducing the pressure of tap water by installing a pressure reducing device. When in use, the safety valve pressure relief hole may have water droplets flowing out. This is a normal pressure relief. Do not block, disassemble or adjust. After installation, it must be filled with water to energize. Dry burning is strictly prohibited.

  2. What if there is no running water or low water pressure in the house?

  The water storage type electric water heater relies on the pressure of water pressure. In order to solve the problem of insufficient water supply pressure of the storage type electric water heater, many manufacturers can provide zero water pressure solution for consumers, that is, install one before the water heater inlet. The booster pump can provide hot water supply and normal bathing as long as there is a water storage device in the consumer's home. Therefore, consumers can install a water storage type electric water heater without tap water or low water pressure.

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