Comparison of wall mounted Electric boiler and traditional heating

2020-07-22 16:36:41

  Wall mounted Electric boiler generally combines the advantages of other heating facilities, clean, sanitary and economical in use, and is the preferred heating facility for the general public. Let's compare the wall mounted Electric boiler with traditional heating.

   Wall mounted Electric boiler is compared with central heating equipment: it can save more than 1/2 of the capital expenditure, and adopts open type 0 pressure heating to ensure the natural temperature and humidity adjustment of the room. Heating in winter is not dry.

   Compared with the heating coal stove, safety is an important indicator of the wall mounted electric boiler, which completely eliminates indoor pollution, gas poisoning, burns and other accidents. Its unique over-temperature safety protection and double leakage protection can make the elderly and children have sufficient safety protection.
wall mounted Electric boiler
        Compared with air conditioners and other electric heaters, wall mounted electric boilers have higher heating efficiency and better thermal stability, so that they can have lower operating costs, no motor noise and no air pollution. There is no blowing and erosion sensation to people during wind circulation, and no pathogenic microorganisms are parasitic. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and maintenance-free. 

   The above are the advantages of the wall mounted Electric boiler introduced for everyone, so every winter, the purchase of the wall mounted Electric boiler is the first consideration for people.

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