A danger that is particularly easy to overlook when using electric water heaters

2020-10-15 16:10:38

The use of electric water heaters is a danger that is particularly easy to overlook. Since the storage-type electric water heater needs to be heated for a period of time before it can be used, if one person has taken a bath before, the next person’s bath is basically not enough. You need to wait for a while. If you take a bath in a hurry, it will appear. Happening. In fact, this situation is particularly dangerous when using electric water heaters. Bathing while heating the electric water heater is particularly prone to the risk of electric shock. The body is prone to accidents due to normal showering.
1. When the temperature of the electric water heater drops to 40 degrees, its heating system will start to work. For general water heater problems, it will work immediately at the next 3 to 5 degrees. In that case, the loss of electricity will be more serious, especially It is easy to cause electric shock.

2. The inner tank is a key component of the electric water heater. If the inner tank has a problem, the entire water heater is scrapped. Now electric water heater manufacturers use enamel inner tanks, but many manufacturers cannot guarantee its quality. As a result, their electric water heaters are in the heating process. There will be leakage of electricity.
3. Generally, current electric water heaters have leakage protection devices, but there are generally poor grounding or even no grounding wires in Chinese households. Unqualified switching appliances are used. These conditions will cause the ground wire to become charged, resulting in reverse leakage from the outside to the inside. The leakage protection device does not protect against the reverse leakage.
Therefore, you must pay attention to the use of electric water heaters, do not use heating, and do not use heating to avoid unnecessary danger. At the same time, the safe use of electric water heaters, it is recommended to choose branded products, guaranteed products.

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