Things to watch out for when purchasing an small electric water heater

2019-08-30 14:01:24

First, we must first know whether the small electric water heater has a certificate of inspection and instructions for use. It should be selected from a manufacturer with a production license. Before purchasing, you must first determine the type of gas used in your home, and then purchase it according to the type of gas. When purchasing, you need to check the performance of the water heater. You can check whether the water heater safety device is complete and reliable. For example, safety protection devices such as accidental flameout, timed shutdown, over water pressure, antifreeze, etc., especially check the leakage protection device.
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When purchasing a gas water heater, you not only need to consider the price performance, but also pay attention to the appearance. What is ultra-thin and no gap, the stainless steel panel is corrosion-resistant and has temperature significance, which is convenient for water temperature control. In general, the products of conventional manufacturers are both internal and external, and the products with good appearance will have better internal materials.AQS Home Wall Mounted electric hot water tank

Observing the material of the gallbladder, the inner capsule is the most important component of various electric water heater products. If the quality is unacceptable, it may be perforated due to corrosion and scaling, which may cause leakage or burst due to insufficient pressure in the gallbladder.

When purchasing, priority should be given to the purchase of brand manufacturers. General brand manufacturers have perfect after-sales service, and manufacturers with good reputation have guaranteed product performance and maintenance. In order to choose the best manufacturers and the best performance models, we should choose products with guaranteed after-sales service.

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