What are the details that should be noted when using high efficiency water heater?

2019-11-22 11:48:23

Care should be taken when using high efficiency water heaters for home installations. The safety hazards can be large or small. The installation of an electric water heater looks simple and complicated, and there are many factors to consider:

The wall to be installed must be a solid brick or a cement wall. If the wall is not load-bearing or there is a decorative material such as a tile on the outside of the load-bearing wall, it can be installed if it is treated with special measures or when the bracket is used; most of the bathroom walls are installed. It is pre-buried with power lines and water pipes. When the position and depth are unknown, it is necessary to use professional instruments for detection at this time. Only after positioning can the position be determined.

The connection of the electric water heater inlet pipe, outlet pipe, valve, waterway conversion valve, etc., in addition to the strict connection requirements of the pipeline, also consider the hot water insulation, the length of the pipeline, the routing path, and the appearance of the water pipe and grounding.

Also, the location of the installation should allow the performance of the electric heater to be fully utilized, which is conducive to future maintenance and maintenance.

Therefore, when installing an electric water heater, you need to ask a professional. After the installer comes to the door, the user needs to check whether the installer has the professional qualification for the installation of the water heater, or the relevant employee identification, so that the technical conditions of the installed electric water heater can be guaranteed.

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